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Beyond COP-15: Why Climate Action Failed


With the end of the Conference, the entire world got busy trying to figure out how COP-15 fared and what the Post-mortem report looked like. It was almost a unanimous consensus, that Copenhagen, billed as the globe’s largest effort to combat climate change, ended in a complete disaster. No one was satisfied with the compromising and unambitious “accord” that was struck behind close doors by five of the largest nations in the world.

Climate Action Demonstration

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Copenhagen Withdrawals?


Tyler Hess, Louisville, KY

Looking for places, people, and countries to shift blame to in regards to the failed Copenhagen talks? Here’s a short list:
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U.S. News Media Coverage on Copenhagen Outcomes Confusing


-Keelin Kelly, Castle Rock, CO

Last Saturday, I giddily skipped to my computer, excited to read about the outcomes of the final day at the COP. However, after spending an hour or so skimming the web for information related to Copenhagen, I was just confused. Some articles called the COP mediocre and others argued it was a massive failure. One thing I did ascertain from pretty much all the articles is that Copenhagen was chaotic and contentious. Read more…

Who will write the history?


It was the last day of COP 15.  One hundred seventy-nine heads of state came together to deliver their nations’ positions. Keeping in mind that the Danish government had produced a three-page-long political declaration meeting no one’s needs, I was a little reluctant to listen to what they had to say. According to the Danish text, which was negotiated behind closed doors, there will be no second commitment period under Kyoto and no Read more…

Copenhagen Climate Conference: Hard to reach a strong agreement哥本哈根气候大会艰难促成协议:


By Pucong Han, Beijing China
After the Copenhagen climate negotiations, countries and regions with reservations do not have to sign the agreement.  As a consequence, the global deal becomes a weak agreement. Many observers said that the conference has failed. Although the deal becomes a weak agreement, it was reached during a difficult and dramatic night. President Barack Obama announced in Copenhagen that different parties will reach a “meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough.” However, many Read more…

What is the Defintion of a “Deal”?


Countries have been struggling with this question for weeks, months, and even years. NGOs and poor, developing countries may describe a deal as an agreement between parties that gives each benefits to all. Developed countries clearly have a different idea. Even though many news agencies around the world are calling Obama’s rushed, climate consensus in Copenhagen a “deal”, the rest of the world has failed to see how it differs from any other proposition raised during the two weeks of negotiations. Read more…

The Reinvigoration Generation Finds Religion


Reflections on the activist Vigil held Thursday reveal a new side of environmentalists’ campaign.  Now, as a deal seems to have been reached, will it satisfy the demands of clergy and follower alike? Read more…