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Sweden to US: Take action!


By Anthony Baratta, Ohio, USA

Sweden, the current leader of the European Union, has urged the United States to take action on Waxman-Markey before Copenhagen. Although the environmental minister did not explicitly call for the passage of the bill, he said “It is crucial that the Americans deliver a reliable emission pathway, but that is dependent on the Senate’s lawmaking.”

One of the reasons he didn’t call for its passage is because there currently is no Senate version of the bill. Today the Washington Independent reported that Senator Boxer is still preparing the details of her committee version, which gets more complicated by the moment.

Students I met from Sweden at the UN conferece in Bonn, Germany, last June said they were disappointed when their country delegates were not taking leadership on climate change. Now they are urging action, but they may have no choice but to sit back and watch as the giants of the industrial world suspiciously eye each other as we move closer and closer to Copenhagen.


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