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We impact the world: The world impacts us!


by Khin Khin Myat Thu Hlaing, Myanmar

“We must prepare for climate change bringing more natural disasters that favour mosquito-borne disease”,

says Jai P. Narainfrom the WHO.

All through these years, we have impacted the world in the most notorious ways. She has been patient  in every possible way. But, now we have gone beyond her horizons and she is impacting us back with Climate Change.

Climate Change brings us monstrous natural disasters and diseases. The developing world, in particular, is suffering more deaths from heat stress, diarrhoeal diseases and malnutrition.

Due to their vulnerable nature, “countries in South and South-East Asia have been confronted by many disasters, including devastating floods in the Indian states of Gujarat and Mumbai, super cyclones in India, Bangladesh and Tsunamis in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand “and cyclone Nargis in Myanmr.

Not to mention their drastic consequences, all these events exacerbated mosquito-borne diseases, especially, malaria. “In India, the floods disrupted health service delivery and led to profuse breeding of mosquitoes, resulting in malaria outbreaks. Drought has also been found responsible for malaria outbreaks in Sri Lanka.”

The December 2004 tsunami in the region similarly created wide breeding grounds for mosquitoes, made health services impossible and turned 1.6 millionpeople homeless.

“And Chikungunya, a disease that had all but been forgotten in India, has reappeared in southern parts of the country and, by May 2007, had spread to almost all districts in Kerala. Though the igniting factors could not be pinpointed, the underlying reason is the climate changes that helped Aedesmosquitoes breed and survive.”

We have no other option but  find a way to prepare ourselves to adapt to the ways the world’s impacting us.

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