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President Obama at the UN Climate Summit


“We seek sweeping but necessary change in the midst of a global recession, where every nation’s most immediate priority is reviving their economy and putting their people back to work… But I’m here today to say that difficulty is no excuse for complacency.  Unease is no excuse for inaction… Each of us must do what we can when we can to grow our economies without endangering our planet — and we must all do it together.”  – President Obama at the UN Climate Change Summit

The President’s remarks very closely match my views of what needs to be done and the pressing obstacles that stand in the way of improving global climate policy.  It is clear that change be enacted, but it must be achieved in a way that leads to opportunity and prosperity in the future.

Switching from where we are to where we need to be will not be like turning on a kitchen light. Nor should it be. The energy sector here in the United States has been a massive part of the economy for decades. Around the world the very processes that are known to emit  the most greenhouse gasses are the very same that have driven economic growth for over a century–lifting millions out of poverty and expanding the global middle class. To simply eliminate coal and fossil fuels, while a novel thought, would leave millions jobless and much of the world without power.

Therefore we must be precise in our action so that we can limit  the effects of climate change while at the same time supporting economic growth both globally and here at home. But the burden cannot be on the U.S. alone. Every nation, both developed and developing, needs to be held accountable because we all share a common interest in the outcome.  We must all come together to find a solution. We must all do our part.

-Ryan Brown

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