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China’s Role and Responsibility on Climate Change


By Xinxin Liu From Chengdu, China

At the UN Climate Change Summit, several world leaders shared the anxiety on global warming and indicated their individual commitment.

However, the difficulty is still between the developed and developing countries.

Environmentalist are hoping that the developed countries can take the responsibility of cutting GHGs emission while the developing countries take actions as well.

The President of P.R China, Hu Jintao, said China will “endeavor to cut carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by a notable margin by 2020 from 2005” and will establish “mandatory national targets” to reduce emissions as well as enlarge the size of forests.

His proposal is considered to be “the clearest signal yet that China is willing to take on responsibilities that are commensurate with its resources and global emissions impact.”

As the largest developing country in the world, Hu’s words are closely watched.  He proposed four principles that “we need to follow in our common endeavor to tackle this issue of climate change.” and he focused on the perspective of developing countries by mentioning “developed countries should support developing countries in tackling climate change” and “ it is imperative to give full consideration to the developed stage and basic needs of developing countries while we address climate change. The international community should pay close attention to the difficulties facing the developing countries, especially the small island states, the least developed countries, landlocked countries and African countries.”

And he repeatedly stated that China is willing and ready to “build an even better future for the generation to come.”


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