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EU Continues to Urge for a Strong Copenhagen Deal


In a recent proposal released by the European Commission titled “Stepping up international climate finance: A European blueprint for the Copenhagen” the EU urges for a strong deal in Copenhagen. The EU seems concerned that the global negotiations leading up to Copenhagen are reaching a deadlock. Thus, the EU report reiterates the importance of reaching an effective agreement in Copenhagen and advances what they would like to see out of the Copenhagen negotiations.

Notably, the EU focuses on the importance of helping Least Developed Countries (LDCs) with an increased focus on CDM’s in the Copenhagen treaty. The report notes: “the existing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) needs to be substantially reformed and focus on LDCs. In addition, for economically more advanced developing countries and highly competitive economic sectors, the sectoral carbon market crediting mechanism should be phased in after 2012.”

In many ways, this report is focused on how to help LDCs to develop sustainably and how to finance those efforts. The EU argues that developed nations should foot the bill for clean development in developing nations, especially LDCs. In general, the EU proposal seems to make sense. Developed nations should take responsibility for helping LDCs develop in a more sustainable way. In doing this, we can begin to shift the course of global development to become more sustainable. However, I wonder how this proposal will be embraced by other developed nations or if it is a goal that will be out of reach in Copenhagen.

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