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France is disappointed with CHINA and U.S.


— Yi Wang (Shenyang, China)

As I am curious about the reaction of France’s press toward the UN conference on climate change, I went to There, I saw quite different opinions compared to those from U.S. and China’s news. France is very disappointed with China’s and the U.S.’s proposals at the UN conference.  One of its latest news, Un sommet décevant (a disappointing summit), it says that the two largest polluters, U.S. and China, show little commitment to climate change, which causes a true failed expectation for this UN conference.

“Ce matin à la tribune, le président chinois Hu Jintao s’est bien engagé à poursuivre ses efforts pour réduire notablement les émissions chinoises de gaz à effet de serre d’ici 2020, mais il n’a fait aucune proposition nouvelle ou chiffrée.

“De son côté, le président américain Barack Obama a lui aussi défendu avec force la nécessité d’agir pour le climat appelant même à «une action mondiale, rapide et audacieuse », pour enrayer le changement climatique. Mais lui non plus n’a pas proposé de solution concrète.”
That is : “China’s president Hu Jintao still stressed that they will reduce notable amount of gas emission by 2020, but he didn’t mention any new proposition or figure. Along with him, U.S.’s president Barack Obama also highly defended the need for taking action to climate change. However he did not propose any concrete solution, either. ”

The articles on’s are full of sarcasm, relating China and the U.S. with critiques and pictures.

Are China and the U.S. just engaging in word-mongering? Why does France give so many negative critics to these two countries?

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