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Stagnant Speech for AWG-KP 9


I have often heard the complaint that so many politicians, representatives, and other speakers for a country, when presenting on climate change and action, always say the same thing – all useless talk and no concrete plans for action. A perfect example of this could be heard at the September 28th session of AWG-KP 9 in Bangkok. While I cannot speak for those countries and organizations that presented in a language other than English, the words of those in English could easily be slightly rearranged, and become  indistinguishable from each other. The speeches proceeded as follows:


1. Thank the Chair and the Kingdom of Thailand for hosting the negotiations.

Developing Countries:

2. Lament the slow progress of negotiation and propose strict limits for temperature and carbon ppm.

Developed Countries:

2. Acknowledge the need to address not only the AWG-KP, but the AWG-LCA.


3. Thank Japan for its emission goals.

4. State that their country or group is ready for negations and cooperation between nations.

After one and a half hours of utterly useless and redundant speech, I found myself fervently hoping that this lack of actual goals and direction for negotiations will persist only in this first meeting of introductions. It is not enough for countries to state, over and over, the need for good communication and action… here’s where they need to prove themselves.


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