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The G77 must jump too


by: Alex Lopatka, MD, USA

H.E. Dr. Ghazi Salahudeen, the Head of the Delegation of the Republic of Sudan and Chairman of the 33rd Ministerial Meeting of the Group of 77 laid out a clear and simple plan of action for the coming months. Dr. Salahudeen emphasized that the developing countries of the Group of 77 are committed to fully implementing all earlier agreed upon strategies. He also emphasized strategies to combat world hunger, such as better accountability, sustainabile agriculture, and sustainable investments because the G77 will be participating in the World Summit on Food Security which will take place in early November. Dr. Salahudeen also spoke of sustainable development and the need for developed nations to assist developing nations financially and technologically.

The G77 has declared its intentions; other major groups, such as the EU, have developed emissions reductions plans. Developed countries have all expressed similiar feelings about what it is that needs to get done. It seems as if everyone is on the same page, but no one wants to be the first person to turn to the next page. Japan recently made that jump by promising to cut greenhouse gas emission by 25% below 1990 levels (

Japan must be the spark for the G77. If the G77 truly wants what they say, they should talk with Japan about how to best manage financial and technological resources. The G77 should publicly support Japan. If a large group like the G77 is supportive, perhaps other large groups can make the jump too.

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