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Bangkok Climate Change Talks 2009–UNFCCC Executive Secretary and Chair of the AWG-KP


Pucong Han, Beijing China

The UNFCCC secretary and chair of the AWG-KP mainly emphasize on clarifying the objectives in Copenhagen.  As the new AWG-KP Chair, John Ashe responded to questions on the reason to have this meeting mentioned that the purpose is to design practical solutions to limit global emissions levels and give practical meanings to the results from the meeting in Copenhagen.   Doctor John Ashe brought up that the previous agreements, such as Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement, are not clear and do not have strong statements.  The meeting in Copenhagen in two months will correct these problems.  He also values the results of the G20 meeting by using the example of China, India and Japan’s statements about cutting their emissions.  They delivered strong statements and this is a good start for a global deal in Copenhagen, which must reach a mechanism that is able to offset the emissions.

The most significant hurdle in this process is finance.  There are some developing countries asking for funds, and it is necessary for these countries to advance their green technology while remaining at a high level of growth.  One of the other significant processes of this event is which countries should be the leading parties.  Doctor John Ashe mentions that this conference requires global corporation.  The host of the meeting also added a few words to clarify the position of the United States.  He mentioned that although people are considering the importance of the United States in this process, when we refer to the Kyoto protocol, the United States is not included.  Therefore, he points out that the new agreement should not wait until the United States.

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