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350 press Conference


At this press the world religious leaders sat together and talked about the interfaith declaration, which has been endorsed by prominent adherents of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslima and Sikhism. They are urging people, including political leaders, businessmen and individuals, to aware that “ Climate change is not merely an economic or technical problem, but rather at its core is a moral, spiritual and culture one.”

And they think that people should not just “acknowledge” but take actions to care for our planet.

A Muslim said, “ In Islam, there are many injunctions to environmental protection. It is our responsibility to take care of the heavens and earth…we must tell our leaders that life is more important than wealth.”

The press  conference was hosted by Jamie Henn who works for 350 org. (350 stands for the safe upper limited for the CO2 in the atmosphere according to the latest science.) They are organizing a 350 international Day of Climate Action on Oct.24th. Many religious communities join the action. For example, some Christian community will ring the bell 350 times on Oct 24th, and Jewish will be coming together that day to form a big human 3,5, and 0 on the shores of Dead Sea.

Interestingly, I was fortunate to meet the host of this conference (Jamie Henn) when I was at the  International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change this summer. And we were taking a picture together to form a “350” as well!( Can you figure it out from our gesture?)

350 with Jamie Henn

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  1. 10/28/09 9:22 pm

    Fight Global Warming!

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