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The developing are trying their best, but…


By Khin Khin Myat Thu Hlaing, Myanmar

Both you (the rich superpowers) and we (the poor and vulnerable)  started the fire.

Now, the price (the Climate change) has come; the fire all of us started is burning us down into ashes.

Though the rich played a larger role in initiating it, the fire is impartial. No, it is prejudiced. It even started with the less guilty. Although the western countries have the power to shield themselves and resist till the last minute, the poor don’t. They are both fragile and vulnerable. In paying for the price, millions of lives have perished; tears have been shed; children, orphaned; homes, lost; cities, destroyed; livelihoods, vanished into oblivion.

It is questionable why  the developed world is stepping back.  The climate change won’t favor them for long. If left unalleviated, they will be the next victim.

Despite the unfavourable circumstances, the developing countries are trying their best and finding a way

“The Sudanese government is already going ahead with pilot projects costing about US$300 million to examine ways of responding to an increase in temperature of about one degree centigrade that has brought with it drought, flash floods and increased malaria to mitigate and adapt themselves.”

“India is already paying about 2 percent of its annual budget to combat the effects of climate change, Chandrashekar Dasgupta of the country’s Energy and Resources Institute told IRIN.”

Still, they need a hand from the rich in terms of finance and technology to be more effective.

Hopefully, the industrialized countries would lend them a hand, unite with them and relieve their pains.

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  1. Anna permalink
    10/03/09 2:44 am

    In my opinion, the developed countries have responsibilities to make more efforts to assist the developping countries’ envrionmental conditions and people.

  2. 10/03/09 5:53 am

    The best time to take action is 10 years ago. The second best time is NOW! So, let take action.
    တစ္ေန႔တစ္လံ ပုဂံဘယ္မေရြ႔ဖို႔ ဒီေန႔ပဲ စလိုက္ၾကစို႔။

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