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World Wildlife Fund on Future Carbon Investment


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) did a presentation in the Bangkok Climate Change Talks 2009. You can find the video for this presentation here. In this talk the WWF outlines the findings of the 2009 Forest Carbon Investor Survey which surveyed investors across the globe on their knowledge of the potential for carbon investment. Interestingly, the global research firm that collected the information for the WWF was Brunswick Group, the same firm where I did my internship junior year of college in New York City. While I was a member of the research department, I never partook in a project of this magnitude.
The findings  show that we need public support to make funding available to poorer countries and to make a global climate market possible. The one of the best ways to do this would be through the creation of a private market where carbon credits and corresponding forestry credits can be traded. Public funding is needed to do this but the creation of such a marketplace would likely boost support in the business world for the changes that need to be made to save this planet.

Making a private market for carbon trading is necessary to making climate change policy work both on a national and international level. It would make boardrooms to carefully examine any pollution process that they consider from a dollar and cents standpoint where cleaner technologies would be comparatively cheaper than they are now. This will force the business community to make cleaner decisions and will likely be the best way to enact climate change policy without disrupting the global financial markets.

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