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Japanese Power!


–-Keelin Kelly

The Japanese government is making major progress in reducing the nation’s green house gases by transitioning the country to become more reliant on renewable energy. The government announced it would implement a feed-in tariff law to promote solar power development. The program works by mandating that utilities buy the excess solar energy produced by their consumers. The producers of renewable energy will be paid 80 yen kW/h ($0.90 USD) for the excess energy they produce. The government hopes this will lead to the rapid the deployment of more solar panels.

The government is also committing 9 billon yen ($100 million USD) to other solar energy incentives. They hope that 70% of new homes will have solar panels installed on their roofs. Overall, this program is sure to have a positive impact on the Japanese renewable energy industry and will help the nation reduce its carbon emissions. These programs, in conjunction with Japan’s newly revised emission reductions targets, will put the nation in a strong position going into the COP-15 negotiations.

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