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GenderCC Press Conference


Rosemary Enie of Liberia served as moderator for a session in which GenderCC, Women for Climate Justice held a formal press conference yesterday around noon.

According to their website, GenderCC, women for climate justice “is the global network of women and gender activists and experts from all world regions working for gender and climate justice.”

On the panel for the press conference was Felicia Davis, the Gender CC US Focal Point; Titi Soentoro, from the Asian Development Bank (a collaboration of over 250 NGOs); and Esperanza Santos, form the World March of Women in the Philippines.

This press conference was rather basic, uninteresting and predictable. All of the panelists discussed women’s rights except threw a difference spin on it.

Felicia commented on a paragraph within the UNFCCC’s “Shared Vision” and argued that women should specifically be included and referenced within the actual UNFCCC documents; thus giving women more of a written down right to be involved.

Titi noted the overall insufficient references to women. Throughout the draft of the UNFCCC;s charter, there is little specific reference to gender and women in specific.

Esperanza, using her experience in the Philippines March, encourages the establishment of a grassroots movement for women. She called for the involvement of more indigenous women in the negotiation process.

-Tyler Hess

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