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Copenhagen or Bust


Foreign leaders always see it fit to post in American newspapers and magazines in order to get their news out to the American population. Gordon Brown, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, wrote an article published in Newsweek in relation to the upcoming Copenhagen conference. Within the piece, Brown took quite the repetitive stance on this recurring subject.

Eleven weeks, he mentioned, is about all the time we have until the world meets in Copenhagen. Current negotiations are going painfully slowly and there is NO second chance. Something must be accomplished for “Failure would be unforgivable.”

His plan included investment in low carbon technology. And this investment could include funding in such areas as batteries, more efficient and lighter solar power, improved carbon capture and storage systems, and well as other upcoming renewable energy systems. Not only encouraging technology growth, Brown pushed for increased efficiency within existing energy systems; for “by 2015, the global environmental sector could be worth $7 trillion and sustain tens of millions of jobs.”

If necessary, Brown even said he would travel to Copenhagen to seal the deal. However, what plan does the UK have? Have they offered any concrete plans in dealing with the current problems? All the leaders seem to be talking hardball, yet no one (with the exception of Japan and a few others) seems to want to commit just yet. Will be get a deal? Who know, maybe it will take hard talking Gordon Brown walking in on the general assembly to get people to start working. We all shall see!

-Tyler Hess

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