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US Chamber of Commerce increasingly uncool


By Anthony Baratta, Ohio, USA

Facebook offers applications for its members to rank their top friends. Guessing from recent news, the US Chamber of Commerce is being ranked lower and lower by many corporations.

Apple quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today. Nike resigned from the board last week. Three large utilities quit last month.


The Chamber’s increasingly uncool position on climate change. Besides calling for a “Scopes monkey trial” debate on the existence of climate change and lobbying heavily against cap and trade legislation, the Chamber has also presented misleading information on the basic science. Whether they believe it themselves or purposefully skew the facts, their 86 page report to the EPA in June seemed to indicate they think global warming means that “today it is 59 degrees, tomorrow because of global warming it will be 61 degrees,” rather than considering negative feedback loops that lead to rising sea levels, etc. For example, an excerpt from the report states:

“Humans have become less susceptible to the effects of heat due to a combination of adaptations, particularly air conditioning. The availability of air conditioning is expected to continue to increase.”

The Chamber seems to misunderstand the global implications of climate change. Increased availability of air conditioning, which gets its power from coal-fired plants is not the solution to climate change.

How many will click the “defriend” button?


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