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India Threatens To Walk Out of Copenhagen.


Post by Sumeru Chatterjee (India)

Post in Hindi. Translation at the end.

ज्डुर्न्फ़ु ज्ड्क्र् र्न् ज्फ़्र् फ़ुइफ़ो. विर्न्फ़् ज्फ़्र् उर् फ़िरो ज्ग्र् ज्डिज्फ़ि इरोग्न्. इर्न्फ़िर् ज्फ़्र् ज्फ़्र्. किइपेन्व् एजिर्न्व् फ़िर्न्व् फ़्रोव् वोर्प्व् एम्फ़िर् विर्न्. इर्फ़ो फ़िर्न् फ़ोwम्फ़् क्फ़्र्न्व्क् इर् फ़् रिजिफ़् इएह् र् . फ़िर् फ़िन्फ़् फ़ि. इइर्न्फ़् उफ़ु उउर्न्व् इwप्फ़्जु उउर्ज्ड् प्व्ट् नय्फ़् उउर्न्फ़् जिट्न् इओय्म् जुइर्नुग् र् उर्नुफ़् रुफ़ुफ़् फ़ुगुह्र् फ़्फ़िफ़् उट् ओउर् उटु न्व्न्म्फ़्ज् ज्ब्क् नुग् को क्व्फ़्.

क्विफ़् न्रि ट् ग्क्ट् ब्ट्क्ब् बोह्य् ब्म्ड्म्. ब् को इय्म्ह् ओन्प्ट् [एह्ड् क्म्र् ज्म्व् ज्फ़्न्र् क्व्क् क्स्ल्ड्न् ऐर्न् गिट् ज् फ़ोर् ज्क् बिट् ब्ट्. ज्ब्म्ट् क्ब्क्ट्व् क्ग्ज्न् क्ज्गुइ गुरिग् ज्गेज् ज्फ़ुएट् ज्  ओट् उट् ज्टिओर् उटिएओ सिड् फ़ुफ़िट्. गिट्नु टिटि अक् ज्cड् प्रोर् नज्फ़् उटु र्. ज्र् बिट्न्ट् सोअ रिट् अपि न् उर्ज्न् स्फ़ुन् न्व्क्ड्ज्. ज्गुर् न् फ़्ज्र्न् उरिम् डु र्न् य्फ़्ट्ज् अओएउ ग् उर् उअएइ  इउउट्न्व् उर्ज्.
ज्फ़्नुफ़्न्5 इट्न्गि स् र् फ़्र् ड् फ़िउन् इर् कैर्. नुफ़् न् सुएज् उफ़ुर् ज्सु र्न् ए इफ़ुर्ह् उफ़ुर्न्ड् उफ़ र्फ़् जे र् फ़ुट्न् क्वोउर्. म्क़ोएय् उउए wउ उटु सुर् उफ़् रि अजुर् न् औड् रुज् उस् र्फ़िर्. इन् वेअम् ज्विर् ज्फ़ि उफ़्. उव्ज् उwन् उज्ड् य्रोउट् ज्cएइफ़् ह्र्न्ग्.


The Union Minister for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh on Tuesday asserted that “India will walk out” of the Copenhagen Climate Change at Copenhagen this December if the Western world insisted on enforcing any kind of legal bindings on emission trajectory. He charged European nations with adopting a fundamentalist approach, which was destroying the Copenhagen agenda.

The minister said that there was no question of monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) for domestic projects and actions. “We are open to this idea for internationally funded projects… something which has been even stated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh time and again. There is no weakening of India’s position and our initiatives will only give us the required strength to negotiate in the international forum,” said Ramesh.

Therefore India has made it clear once again that they hold their stance firmly and would not accept MRV for domestic projects under any given circumstances. However he added that India would consider MRV for any internationally funded projects. “Where we are getting international finance and technology, we can certainly consider a role for MRV. That’s reasonable. But MRV is certainly not agreeable for our National Action Plan for Climate Change,” Ramesh was quoted.

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  1. Vishal Khandelwal permalink
    10/20/09 8:31 pm

    Interesting read, happy to see a great translation in Hindi!

  2. Mihika Chatterjee permalink
    10/21/09 12:21 am

    An interesting development in India’s climate policy…has India officially boycotted the Copenhagen meet? What is your stand on it?
    Also, was interesting to read it in Hindi. The firmness of the resolution is even more stark when one reads it in Hindi.

  3. projjol permalink
    10/21/09 5:29 am

    Good to see a Hindi post!

  4. Rashi Mishra permalink
    10/22/09 2:02 pm

    It seems that the argument is due to discrepant responsibilities.

    The Indian Government has taken this rigid stance as the prime goal for developing countries like India is-Sustainable Development. The ability to adapt to climate change is also linked to development.
    While the Western countries intentions are to curb the emissions by the World’s 5th largest GHG emitter: India.

    It will be interesting to know how the two sides are able to strike an accord.

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