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Making history – gender in the climate change negotiations


For every one man that dies in natural disasters, four women perish.  This ratio is not because woman is naturally weaker than man but due to gender roles in the society. As the statistic shows, gender inequalities intersect with climate risk vulnerabilities But gender has been strikingly absent in any of the debates on climate change at the UNFCCC.

In 2007, UNDP(United Nations Development Programme), IUCN(International Union for Conservation of Nature), and REDO(Reuse Development Organization) came together and formed a Global Gender and Climate Alliance. On Oct. 7th the GCCA held a press conference at the UNFCCC meeting in Bangkok. The goal of the global gender and climate alliance is to ensure that policy decisions about climate change at global, regional and national levels include a gender perspective. And they do this through four strategies:

First, working to integrate a gender perspective into global policy and decision-making.

Second, aiming at ensuring that climate change finance addresses the needs of poor woman and man equally.

Third, trying to build capacities at all levels to implement gender responsive climate change policy and progress.

Fourth, developing and sharing practical methodologies to facilitate integration of gender perspective.

Over the past week, the GGCA trained over a hundred representatives from different countries on the linkage between gender and climate change. This training was the 5th in a series of capacity building trainings on climate change that have previously been held in the USA, Europe and will continue to be hold in Africa and Middle East. These trainings will help to ensure that women are a part of the solution to the climate crisis. They think that, women are in fact, making one of the most crucial contributions to eliminating the impacts of climate change. On the other hand, if gender consideration is not sufficiently addressed at the negotiations here and possible new climate view in Copenhagen, millions of lives may be lost.

Finally GGCA, in collaboration with the government of Finland, aims to increase the role of women in negotiations. Through the women’s delegation fund, they are sponsoring the participation of women delegates and will continue to do so up to Copenhagen and beyond.

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