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Recent interpretation by Chinese representative about the Bangkok Climate Change Talks and why it is unproductive. 中国代表解读“曼谷气候谈判”缘何没有进展


Pucong Han, Beijing China

The Chinese representative of the Bangkok Climate Change Talk announced his opinion of why the meeting is unproductive.  He says that some developed countries are not talking political responsibility.  Note that the Kyoto protocol has gone into effect and the Bangkok talks are focusing on specific emission cuts.  Instead of improving the effectiveness of the Kyoto Protocol, developed countries are willing to end the Kyoto protocol and establish a new deal with another framework.  He gave a metaphor to address this problem, “A competition has reached the last 5 minutes when the results are going to be clear.  One side of the competition wants to change the rules of that game…that is not fair to the others.”

Li Yan, the International environmental organization Greenpeace’s Climate and Energy Project Officer, declared today that the Kyoto Protocol must be continued.  The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement embodied within law, which binds the developed countries with the responsibility to reduce their emission.  Suppose that this agreement were to be stopped, the developed countries would no longer be responsible for their emission, and the new framework might not be able to enforce the emission policies.  He also announced to protect the Kyoto Protocol, which comes from previous valuable discussions.

中新社曼谷十月六日电(记者 顾时宏)正在出席联合国气候谈判曼谷气候大会的中国代表六日解读了“曼谷的气候谈判”缘何没有进展的原因。

中国外交部气候变化谈判特别代表于庆泰今天表示,曼谷气候谈判没有进展的主要原因在于发达国家缺乏政 治意愿。他指出,二十个月前在印尼巴厘岛本来已经达成一致,计划在接下来的时间里进行《京都议定书》第二阶段中实际行动的讨论,但是近几个月,发达国家的 声音却反映出更多的想要终止《京都议定书》,另搭框架。这就相当于是在一场比赛中,已经到了最后五分钟,比赛一方却突然决定要改变比赛规则。这既不公平, 也缺乏建设性。

国际环保组织绿色和平的气候与能源项目主任、气候谈判的观察员李雁今天也呼吁:“《京都议定书》需要 继续。京都议定书是一份具有法律约束力的协议,将发达国家与他们的减少温室气体的排放承诺绑定在一起,阻止气候变化。如果《京都议定书》被搁置终止,那么 也就等于说,大的排放国家可以不再担负应有的减排责任。”


come from:

The Chinese Xinhua News press

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