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The Announcement of the verdict of the Asian Peoples Climate Court (the 2009 Bangkok Climate Change Talk)


Pucong Han, Beijing China

The announcement of the verdict of the Asian Peoples Climate Court in the 2009 Bangkok Climate Change Talk not only provides a review of the current results of the UNFCCC negotiations, but also allows different parties and people to witness their strong commitments.  At their press conference in Bangkok today the two representatives gave a strong voice to the world about their concern about climate change.  They talked about the debate that happened yesterday.  The prosecuting parties are developing countries and small islands that are already suffering from climate changes, such as increasing sea levels.  The defense parties are the over consuming countries (developed countries—the representatives refuse to use this terminology), and the two representitives announced that the climate change does not exist.

The interpretation of this debate by the first representative is that the prosecuting parties need to take legal actions, such as hiring a group of international lawyers.  Through following the legal procedure they can tell the stories to the rest of the world.  He also doubted the results of these legal actions, and he announced that the worst case is that these conflicts would be resolved by war.  I was surprised when he interpreted in that way.  Personally, I don’t think these unsuccessful actions have the opportunities to end up with war, and I believe that the world as a whole has the ability to peacefully come up with an effective solution to take into account these negative externalities.

In particular, the second representative announced that an international will to solve the climate change is necessary.  He pointed out that developing countries are contributing their efforts and resources to climate changes, but the developed countries such as Japan, Canada and the United States are not.  He wanted to call on the public to pressure those countries and call for resources.

This speaker also mentioned about the melting of the glaciess of the Himalaya Mountains and the increasing sea level, from which the Philippians are suffering the most.  The financing problem has again become a major issue to address.  The two representatives only announced a basic framework about the financing, which must be easy to access.  I think the financing problem is one of the major hurdles that slow down the actions.  Based upon the readings and meeting I have heard so far, I do not have a clear framework about where these funding will come from, how much each party will contribute and how the finances will be organized.

At the end of this meeting, the second representative mentioned about the complicity of the climate change issues due to the multiple agreements.  Instead of reinforcing the responsibilities of various nations through different agreements, it might be a good idea to improve the current agreement to make it more effective and clearer.

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