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The South Center Meeting on 9 Oct 2009


Pucong Han, Beijing China

The South Center is a non-profit association, which has 51 developing countries as members.  It provides a platform for developing countries’ government about their policies.  The South Center press conference on 9 Oct summarizes the results of the 2009 Bangkok Climate Talks related to the developing countries.  In particular, it emphasized on the interests of the developing countries and their hopes in Copenhagen.

One of the most important issues in that press conference was the intention of the developed countries to kill the Kyoto Protocol.  As we know, the Kyoto Protocol provides a framework and a political formation for its parties.  The head of the South Center addressed that the Kyoto Protocol is a declaration of responsibilities of different countries to the climate changes, and it simply means all parties are agreed to find a solution about the climate change through negotiation.  The head of the South Center mentioned that the United States is not part of the convention.  And in Copenhagen there is a possibility to create a new framework and redefine a new public responsibility.

The framework should be able to clarify the public responsibilities of the developing and developed countries base upon their particular situations.  They are hoping to end up with a certain answer or solutions from the Copenhagen negotiation.

There are a few issues that the leader of the South Center pointed out.  First of all, the leaders of the developing countries do not want to think about the environment or climate changes.  Their primary concern is economic development.  At the same time, European Union and the United States want to cut their emissions and transfer factories to the developing countries, which means that the developing parties are not able to grow economically.  The developed countries are also not willing to transfer their technologies and provide necessary funding to the developing countries to find solutions for climate changes.  Furthermore, the market solutions are also not able to resolve the problems and the market failure have already proved this.  He also pointed out that without the necessary funding the developing countries cannot effectively participate in the negotiations.  With the current market solutions and price systems, developing countries can not be market players.

China’s representative in that meeting also further analyzed the reasons that the 2009 Bangkok Climate Change Talks did not make any progress.   He pointed out that the parties are lacking political will.  The developed countries are willing to set up new rules.  No countries are willing to step forward and meet their targets.  Looking back at the Paris Road Map and the Kyoto Protocol, anytime the parties set up their commitments, they eventually move away from them.

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