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EU-Commitment to keep Kyoto Protocol Architecture Alive


–Keelin Kelly, Colorado USA

Despite the rampant accusations about the U.S. and EU killing the Kyoto Protocol (KP) during the Bankbook talks, the EU pledged to keep the KP alive. In the concluding press conference by the EU in Bangkok the EU pledged its allegiance to the architecture of the KP. Their ultimate goal is to improve upon the document and to make it better.

Many developing nations have accused the EU of engaging in a “race to the bottom” to dismantle the KP. However, the EU remains firm in their claim that they will keep it alive within the new treaty. Many other nations are accusing the EU of not committing to targets or funding thereby working to dismantle to KP. However, the EU argues that it will have these commitments ready to go by the Barcelona meetings.

In order to keep the KP alive the EU argues that developing countries will need to get on board with their actions and commitments. They argue that once this happens it will be easy to get other nations on board like the U.S. However, they maintain their commitment to common but differentiated responsibilities by developed and developing nations.

Overall, in their concluding press conference, it is clear the EU at least claims it wants to keep the KP in place and build upon it. They also strongly urge developing nations to take more action in setting their targets. Even though the EU claims to be very committed to the KP developing nations seem to remain wary that the EU is helping the U.S. to kill Kyoto. It will be interesting to see if this accusation by developing nations becomes apparent within the final document.

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