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G77 and China say that rich nations trying to kill Kyoto Protocol


The host of the G-77 and China press conference said this week at the UNFCCC talks in Bangkok has witnessed a very regretful and unfortunate development.He thinks the developed countries lack seriousness towards climate change.  Moreover, they tried to discard and kill the Kyoto Protocol. The main area for this discussion was in the mitigation group where developed countries in fact refused to agree to any second commitment period in order to secure the next necessary step in the Kyoto Protocol. The the G77 finds this absolutely unacceptable.

He quoted what the Australian prime minister said, that the Australian government will do everything in its power to have Australia meet its Kyoto Protocol obligations. But in his opinion, the pledges that Australia has made are far from what they have done.

He said that the Europeans Union has made a decision to move away from the Kyoto Protocol. They want a new agreement with some select elements of the Kyoto Protocol included. The United States has remained an outsider to the protocol because they want developing nations to be more responsible for mitigating global warming.

Furthermore, he thinks many other areas in the negotiation have not seen any progress, mainly because they are lacking in financial and technological support to switch into low-carbon emission economy.

At last, he stressed that the G77 would do their best to advance and make progress.

I have searched the news from both perspectives, from China and the US, towards this issue. China is with the G77, which worries that the developed world will try to kill the Kyoto Protocol, while some commentator from the US believe that it is most beneficial to set up a new framework. Simultaneously, some US articles still deem that the Kyoto Protocol has proved to be effective so far and to set up a new one is counterproductive.

It is difficult to say which point is right but it is obvious that if developed countries and developing countries do not get any progress on this issue, there will be no result in Copenhagen.

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