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India Lays Out Its Cards At Bangkok


Post by Sumeru Chatterjee, India

On the 9th of October the Indian delegation at Bangkok Climate Change Talk clarified the position that India plans to take during the climate change negotiations at Copenhagen.

This position includes non- acceptance of binding emission reduction targets, eight National Mission plans and regular updates of its progress to the international community.

At the very outset of the press briefing, the Indian delegation stated clearly that their expectations from developed countries to produce significant emission reduction targets at this summit instead of delaying the process had not been met. They said that apart from a few nations like Japan, the world is still yet to see leadership in the form of binding reduction targets from developing nations.

The delegation then moved on to describing what the Indian nation had to offer at the negotiation table at Copenhagen. India plans to undertake 8 National Missions that should contribute significantly to the fight against global climate change. These missions, among others, include the National Solar Mission and the National Mission on Energy Efficiency.

India also plans to host the Conference on Technology and Development on the 22nd and 23rd of October this year where representatives from around the world will discuss the advancement of technology and development. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will inaugurate the event and the President of the Maldives will be the Chief guest.

India also reinforced that it would provide regular updates of its progress to the international community under the guidelines provided by the UNFCCC. This way, India would be accountable for the actions that it is undertaking.

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