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India’s Arsenal for “The Fight Against Climate Change”


Post by Sumeru Chatterjee, India

As Copenhagen approaches, India gets ready for negotiations by building up an arsenal to use at the negotiation table. Jairam Ramesh, India’s Minister for Environment and Forests, launched the National Network of Climate Change Assesment today in a bid to strengthen its expertise and study on climate change.

The network is an association of scientists from the country’s premier institutes to study effects of the problem on the economy and suggest ways to combat it. The reports prepared by the network comprising over 120 institutions and over 220 scientists from across the country will be part of India’s National Communication (Nat Comm) to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

“The idea is to prepare scientific reports at the domestic level about the impact of climate change on various sectors, which can give a real picture and influence the world debate,” said Mr. Ramesh.

He said “So far we have been depending on the research and studies done by developed countries on what is happening here. It should not happen, we should have our own expertise.”

Mr Rameash said at the national workshop “Climate Change and India: Towards Preparation of a Comprehensive Climate Change Assessment” that India has now proposed submitting Nat Comms every year instead of earlier six years which shows their commitment to tackling climate change.

The Minister also stressed on the need to bring more private research institutes and non-governmental organisations as part of the network to study the impact of climate change through the INCCA.

Speculation has it that by launching the INCCA, India wants to arm itself, ahead of the UN summit on global warming in Copenhagen in December, with the in-house research to counter the “propaganda” launched by the developed world against it on climate change.

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