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So much to do…Roadblocks to Copenhagen within the LCA text


-Keelin Kelly, Castle Rock, CO

Well, I’ve started to read the proposed Copenhagen document as it stands as of August 2009. I must admit, it is far more interesting than I anticipated. This is partially because of the major discrepancies that have yet to be worked out within the text. It becomes clear after reading just the first part of the document that an arduous journey lays ahead of UNFCCC negotiators.

One major issue that has yet to be resolved within the text is the level at which CO2 must be stabilized. On page 14 of the “Shared Vision” part of the document there are proposed emissions reductions targets ranging from 350ppm to 450ppm to whatever “sound science” dictates. All of these proposed goals would have very different ramifications for emissions reductions, funding, adaptation, and mitigation strategies.

It is somewhat disconcerting the LCA text does not outline a shared goal. This lack of a clear goal will probably create messiness within the negotiation process. It unfortunately shows there is a lot to do in the months ahead and casts doubt upon the likelihood that a successful agreement will be the product of COP-15.

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