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Ban Ki-Moon’s Editorial–Just an Empty Pep Talk?


-Keelin Kelly, Castle Rock, CO

I know we have commented on this before, but the rhetoric from UN and world leaders concerning Copenhagen is so hopeful yet empty. This problem I feel is reflected in Ban Ki-Moon’s editorial in the New York Times today. Of course he says everything is looking up for Copenhagen. I mean, he has to say this in a way. As Secretary General he is like the head cheerleader for the feasibility of solutions to international political problems.

I simply have a problem with the fact that he exaggerates the optimistic things that are happening while completely failing to bring up existing challenges. For example, there is no mention of all the existing major issues within the proposed document that must be worked out. No hint of the fact that many countries are accusing the US and EU of killing Kyoto.

Furthermore, his overly optimistic attitude about the US is troubling. Yes, the US does need to get on board. But will they? Mr. Ki-Moon champions the efforts of the US Senate for its proposed climate legislation. However, the legislation will not pass anytime before Copenhagen and likely will not pass for another two years. I guess I’m a bit sick of this over-optimism. I wish leaders would be a bit more realistic, lay out the challenges, and the necessity to overcome them.

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  1. Tyler permalink*
    10/26/09 11:50 pm

    I completely agree Keelin; while it has been said before, his editorial was useless in regards to looking for honesty. However, be realistic yourself in realizing that it’s hardly feasible for such world leaders to be as honest as you wish them to be.

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