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Al Gore: A Strong American Leader on Climate Change


By Anthony Baratta, Ohio, USA

Al Gore’s not an elected official, but he may be one of America’s most important leaders on addressing climate change. Although he is most remembered for his 2006 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” he hasn’t stopped working.

Let’s review. In 2006 Gore released An Inconvenient Truth, a breakthrough effort to get Americans thinking about the dire consequences of climate change. Later that year he founded the Alliance for Climate Protection, an organization dedicated to mobilizing people to reduce C02 emissions.  A year later, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Price with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for their work on educating the public about global warming.

During the last two years, Gore has continued working for the Alliance for Climate Protection, among other projects. The group is currently campaigning through Repower America, touting renewable energy opportunities and creating alliances between environmentalists and industrial groups.

Most recently, Gore has been trying to influence the U.S. position at the Copenhagen negotiations and continue to educate the American public about the potential for low carbon economic development. On Saturday  he told a German magazine he was “certain” Obama will attend the Copenhagen negotiations, a not-so-subtle effort to put more pressure on Obama to attend. Tomorrow his new book, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis will be released, and is the subject of a feature piece by Newsweek.

To be sure, Al Gore has been busy. If I were paid millions to talk on a cable news talk show, I would portray Gore’s dedication to  convincing Americans of the urgency of climate change and the potential for clean energy  as a vast, left-wing conspiracy to expand the role of government, hijak public opinion, and legalize drugs. I could use charts with lots of arrows, show pictures of Gore that look suspiciously close to depictions of Satan, and have the producers play scary music while I talked in a hypnotic, McCarthy-like voice.

But I’m not. Keep up the good work Al!

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