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Brazilian NGO’s Meet in Barcelona to Discuss Their Country’s Stance on Climate Change


By Amy Richmond, Indiana, USA

The day before Brazilian President Luiz Inacio, LULA, da Silva, was scheduled to meet with a group of climate scientists and a team of negotiators, a group of Brazilian NGO’s gathered in a press room in Barcelona, aiming to inform their audience about LULA’s upcoming decision and the need for Brazil to take a stance of leadership in COP-15. The president and Brazil’s head negotiators for COP-15 will be meeting today, November 3rd, to formulate and solidify Brazil’s position on the upcoming climate conference in Copenhagen this December. A group of over 300 NGO’s and private sectors wrote a letter to President LULA, urging him to “do the right thing,” by not only setting targets for reducing CO2 and deforestation, but also by urging “his friend,” the president from “that country below Canada and above Mexico,” to attend COP-15. The speakers seemed reluctant to actually mention the USA, though it was quite clear to whom they were referring, but one did mention Obama by name, openly criticizing him for not actually contributing to a global deal.

In addition, a speaker from one of the largest Brazilian trade unions emphasized Brazil’s potential for becoming a leader in green technology and low-carbon development. She also made it quite clear that the trade unions wish Brazil to become an example to the rest of the world by not only setting ambitious targets, but also remaining loyal to reducing poverty in their own country and supporting efforts to do the same in LDCs. Ultimately, though these NGO’s support an ambitious stance from Brazil in COP-15, it will be up to President LULA and the team of negotiators, meeting today, to decide Brazil’s position concerning climate change.

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