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The South Center in the Barcelona meeting


by Pucong Han, Beijing China

The South Center is an intergovernmental organization of developing countries with 51 member states from the developing countries. The South Center was established by an Intergovernmental Agreement (Treaty) which came into force on 31 July 1995 with its headquarters in Geneva. The South Center has actively monitoring the negotiations and leading the researches. The researchers and officers are intended to provide intellectual and policy support required by developing countries for collective and individual action, particularly in the international arena. The representative speaker of the South Center announced yesterday that the Barcelona meeting will be the last negotiation before the Copenhagen meeting, and he believed that the Barcelona meeting so far is not productive and does not achieve any targets. The reason of this is the perception of the developing countries that the developed counties are no longer interested in maintaining the Kyoto Protocol. Since the 2005 negotiation about the Kyoto Protocol, developed countries and developing countries have maintained and applied this protocol for about 4 years. However, for the recent years’ discussions, developed countries do not want to push it forward by correcting the figures and clarifying the responsibilities. As the result, the developed countries announced that they want to shift to a new agreement outside the track of the Kyoto Protocol. The shape of this new agreement is not clear. For instance, the EU announced that the good elements will be moved to the new agreement. However, what are these good elements are? The United States was not a part of the Kyoto protocol and was not very active in climate change for the past few years. The representative said that he believed that the United States will become an active player to achieve the new agreement and will announce to reduce the emission by certain amount of rates. There are also groups of countries want to contribute to achieve the non-exist treaty of the United States instead of following the legal bounding treaty of the Kyoto Protocol. The non-exist treaty has a very low emission cut comparing to the Kyoto Protocol. Therefore, parties are creating crashes and negative efforts to the climate change before the Copenhagen meeting. “This is very unfortunately,” as the speaker said yesterday. During these few days discussion, the developing countries effort to clarify the figures for the Kyoto Protocol so as to prepare for the Copenhagen meeting.

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