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What did and what will they do in Barcelona

by presented at press conference in Barcelona.

Firstly, they showed a brief video which sums up the main activities of campaign international day of Climate Action on Oct.24th. There are 5200 events from 181 countries, which marking what CNN called the “most widespread day of political action in history.”

The main focus on this campaign is the number of 350, which stands for the safe level of carbon in the atmosphere. Now our world has already reached 390 ppm.  Now there are 89 countries have adopted 350 as the target and are actively promoting it.  These are some small island countries, and the least developing countries which are the most vulnerable to the effect of Climate Change.

Here in Barcelona, are here in Barcelona is to bring their message into the heart of the negotiation. And each day they are going to use the social media to share with people who are out side of the Barcelona conference but pay close attention to it. And they are going to communicating the organizers all over the world who participated in Oct.24th.  And they are distributing T-shirts and ties with the symbol of 350. They said they intend to bring this sense of movement out side the conference not only in the press but also outside the conference, and to build the bridge between normal people and the delegates who are on the political level.

The host of this press, Teresa, said that they were receiving tremendous support from all over the world on Oct.24th .They are surprised that so many people in the world are devoted in working on climate change.

She said:”18 months ago, practically no one had heard of the 350 ppm C02 target, but now, after the October 24 day of action, it’s one of the most famous numbers in the world.”

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