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Senator Kerry and the Precautionary Principle


By Anthony Baratta, Ohio, USA

Fewer and fewer Americans say they believe in anthropogenic global warming, or even global warming for that matter. According to a recent Pew research poll, only 35% of respondents say global warming is a serious problem, compared to 44% from April 2008.

With this in mind, check out John Kerry’s questioning of American Enterprise Institute testimony. The conversation begins with binding emission targets, but Kerry then moves to the very basics of why we need binding reductions: climate change. When referring to predictions of scientists on climate change, he says,

“All of the evidence is coming back faster and to a greater degree than they predicted underscoring the predictions they made. At some point you have to step back and say these guys are making sense because what they said is going to happen is happening and it’s happening faster and at a greater risk.”

Sen. Kerry’s line of thinking is persuasive and sensible. As leaders of the country in the face of so much evidence, they must take the precautionary principle and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While he is known for being longwinded (see Presidential election 2004), you won’t be bored by Kerry’s talk.

Joe Romm at Climate Progress has the full transcript and analysis.

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