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Why is the EU still saying this?


-Keelin Kelly, Colorado

In their closing press conference in Barcelona the EU made a few claims that seem problematic. First, they implied a concrete deal would come out of Copenhagen. Secondly, they reaffirmed their commitment to the Kyoto Protocol (KP) and pledged to not abandon it. However, both claims are suspect especially considering a lot of the problems that came up later in the conference.

First, there are obviously huge barriers to arriving at an actual treaty. One, which the EU admits, is that the US has set no clear targets and probably will not have them ready for the conference. Developing nations also mistrust the US and EU and the parties are probably not going to cooperate in Copenhagen. Therefore, I question why the EU is still promising a treaty can be hammered out by Copenhagen.

Secondly, they commit to the KP, and then they do not. They seem to imply they will implement KP targets. However, later in the press conference they state they want one document, and imply this document will not be the KP. Even though the EU may stick with the KP until a new document is created may be true. However, it is clear they are ready to do something else if a new treaty is reached. I think it is disingenuous for them to say they will stick to the KP and work towards a new deal. They should affirm and clarify their stance. It is little wonder may countries are outraged about the EU’s unclear position.

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