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青藏高原冰川退缩引起中国注意 Vanishing Glaciers of Tibetan Plateau attracts China’s Attention


–Mengxiao Han, Nanjing, China

As an expedition from Chinese state television worked its way across the Tibetan Plateau earlier this year, the explorers were amazed by what they found.Besides the North and South Poles, the plateau has been called the world’s third largest ice store. However, Chinese scientist discovers, the “third pole” is warming up faster than anywhere else on earth.

The explorers found bare rock where glacier had melt. Lakes had dried up. Lush grass land had turned to deserts. The livestock was dead, and the farmers suffered from hardscrabble life.

This film attracted the attention of the Communist party’s leaders and had put this issue at the center of the remarkably open debate in China ahead of a summit in Copenhagen next month.

The speed and scale of change on the Tibetan plateau have made Chinese leaders recognize – a potential threat to the future of China itself. They are clearly seeking to mold opinion of “greener” policies after decades of a highly polluting dash for economic growth that has poisoned China’s rivers and darkened the skies.







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