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Already gone???


By Khin Khin Myat Thu Hlaing, Myanmar

Sitting wearily in a gloomy atmosphere of one of Barcelona’s conference rooms on 6th November, Sudanese negotiator Lumumba Stanislaus-Kaw Di-Aping, hosted the last but not the least press conference on Barcelona climate change talks. Thinking deeply and exhaustively, he provided meticulous responses regarding the LDCs, AOSISs, African and Asian groups.

The African group walked out during one of the negotiations because they are so sick and tired of hearing irrelevant topics and repeated pledges which are never addressed. As long as the super powers keep beating around the bush, there will be nothing but a wishful list of expressions and pronouncements.

If we were to point out the culprit causing the past twenty four months a waste of time, it would be the developed countries who failed to keep the words and kept putting off things till the last minute. Neither Barcelona nor the Ad-hoc working groups are to be blamed.

In terms of European Union, they are halting the progress because of the short sighted view on climate change; they are merely looking for new carbon markets. While all scientists, researchers and scholars universally believe that climate change is the market failure, they inherently focus on carbon markets. It is ironic that they could neglect the heated issues costing human lives.

In an attempt to kill the Kyoto protocol, they callously ignore the rights of the bottom billions by calling for the equal emission reduction targets from developing world. This is not a fair game for the citizens of the developing countries do deserve the right to develop socially and economically and eradicate poverty.

No matter what, there is only one voice from the G-77 and China, LDCs, AOSISs and SIDs__a strong and binding commitment from the super powers without killing the Kyoto Protocol. We still have the opportunity to address the historical responsibility. Despite the gloomy atmosphere, chances, hopes and dreams are still there. They are not already gone.

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  1. anthony permalink
    11/12/09 1:51 pm

    nice post khin khin. i like the narration in the intro.

    • khinkhin permalink*
      11/12/09 5:22 pm

      Thanks, Anthony…He seems really sad and crestfallen… 😦

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