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World’s Respondents toward China and US’ climate policy 世界对中美气候政策的回应


–Mengxiao Han, Nanjing, China

According to a survey which includes 2,0349 respondents conducted from April to July this year by at University of Maryland, USA, 34% of respondents approve of China’s climate policy(42% disapprove) while 39% approve of US policy(41% disapprove).This survey released before US President Barack Obama’s visit to China next week, where climate is expected to became the central issue in the agenda.

Looking deeper into the results, clear majorities in six countries disapprove China’s climate policy. They are France (74%), Britain (73%), Germany (72%), USA (69%), South Korea (69%) and Egypt (58%). But four countries have majorities supporting China’s policy: Pakistan (93 %), Nigeria (69 %), Kenya (64 %) and Indonesia (55 %).

For US, majorities in six nations disapprove its climate policy: Egypt (68 %), Britain (65 %), France (62 %), Pakistan (62 %), Turkey (56 %) and Germany (56 %), while only majorities in Nigeria, Kenya, South Korea, India and Indonesia support US policy. See full story.

The difference in how the two superpowers are seen more generally.


经过更深入的研究投票结果, 我们发现,半数以上的法国(74%),英国(73%),德国(72%),美国(69%),韩国(69%),和埃及(58%)投票者不同意中国气候政策。但是,在巴基斯坦(93%),尼日利亚(69%),肯尼亚和印度尼西亚(55%)这四个国家中,半数以上的投票者同意中国气候政策。埃及(68%),英国(65%),法国(62%),巴基斯坦(62%),土耳其(56%)和德国(56%)半数以上投票者不同意美国的气候政策。只有尼日利亚(,肯尼亚,韩国,印度和印度尼西亚这些国家中超过半数的投票者同意美国的气候政策。


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