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Barcelona Climate Change Negotiation failed to make progress on two key issues巴塞罗那气候变化谈判在两个关键问题上未能取得进展


By Pucong Han, Beijing China

The last negotiation before Copenhagen Conference was finished on 6 Nov 2009 at Barcelona.  Executive Secretary of the “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,” Yvo De Boer mentions that although the negotiation makes progresses on adapting to climate change impacts, technical cooperation, reduction deforestation in developing countries and the funding mechanism for developing countries, it failed to make progress on the medium-term emission reduction targets in developed countries and transferring funding from developed countries to developing countries.  If these two key issues cannot be solved, the Copenhagen Conference will not end up with a new emission limit agreement.

哥本哈根气候变化大 会召开之前的最后一轮气候变化问题谈判11月6日在西班牙巴塞罗那结束。《联合国气候变化框架公约》秘书处执行秘书德布尔表示,尽管本轮谈判在适应气候变 化的影响、技术合作、减少发展中国家由于毁林导致的温室气体排放以及向发展中国家提供资金的机制等问题上取得了进展,但在发达国家中期减排目标和为发展中 国家应对气候变化提供资金两个关键问题上却没有实现突破。

徳布尔指出,如果缺少这两个要素,哥本哈根大会将无法达成新的减排协议。他希望工业化国家能够提高自己的减排目标,并且明确承诺在短期和中长期能够 向发展中国家提供多少资金。他强调12月7日在丹麦哥本哈根举行的联合国气候变化大会能够也必须成为全球应对气候变化之战的转折点,承诺与妥协这两者的强 力组合能够也必须实现这一目标。


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