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李毅中:中国尚不能承诺具体减排目标 Yizhong Li, the minister of MIIT: China is unable to promise the specific targets of emissions reduction so far


–Mengxiao Han, Nanjing, China


The minister of MIIT(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology),  Yizhong Li, expressed on 20 Nov that China is unable to promise the specific targets of emissions reduction on the Copenhagen conference next month. Yizhong Li indicated that China will energetically develop the low-carbon industries, especially in these three fields: clean energy, low energy-intensity and low emission.

“The developed countries have been industrialized for more than 300 years; however, the developing countries have already been underway. The development of the developing countries’ industries cannot be limited now,” Yizhong Li said. In aspects of saving energy and reducing GHG (green house gas), the responsibilities of the developing countries and the developed countries should not be shared alike. The developed countries have the duty to help the developing countries to reduce emissions, because they have financing and technology.

My opinion:

Since the leaders of many countries have announced that they cannot reach a global agreement in the Copenhagen Conference, China won’t be the first one to promise its targets. Like EU, the ultimate targets should be based on its national conditions and the other countries’ targets.

I hope all the countries won’t hesitate to announce its final results. Time is not the solution towards the world’s climate change issues. If those meetings after COP-15 are still the same as the UNFCCC that no agreements are reached, it will be worse for the world’s future, as Stern has mentioned in his book that there is a pressing urgency to solve problems related to climate change with no delay and hesitation based on the present severe situation.



“发达国家工业发展已经300多年,而我 们才开始起步,现在不能限制我们工业发展。”对于即将来到的哥本哈根会议,李毅中对本报记者表示,在节能减排方面,发达国家和发展中国家应该有区别地承担 责任。所谓有区别的责任,第一就是碳减排目标不能均摊,二是发达国家有资金和技术,他们有义务帮助发展中国家减少碳排放。





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