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World focuses on China’s promise as Obama sets emission reduction goals



他描绘了三种中国未来的温室气体排放的情景: 1,基准情景. 就是让现在正在进行的减排措施继续进行. 2.控排情景,就是将中国领导人曾对世界做出的承诺一一兑现落实,3 减排情景,就是尽最大努力使中国的温室气体排放量到达最低水平.

邹骥预计中国的减排峰值在2030年.他觉得他所设计的情景是切实可行的. 但是主要看有没有足够地资金和技术. 对于中国能否从哥本哈根会议上获得足够的资金和技术,邹骥表示相当忧虑.

China wanted to set the 12th 5-year plan on nation’s development, which includes the emission reduction. Ji Zou, vice representative of China climate talk, and the vice president of the environment department of China People University, says that on the basis of 2005, the reduction of carbon emission to 2020 can not above 50%.

He thinks the climax will be on 2030. And it depends on the financial investment especially on the technology of CCS. China cannot achieve this technology before 2030 even the finance is abundant.

That is to say, China has the great requirement on international technological support. The budget is 12 billion USD per year in 2010-2020, 230 billion USD per year in 2030-2050, and 300billion USD in 2030-2050.

But Ji Zou is pessimistic on getting financial technological support from COP-15 in Copenhagen.

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