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哥本哈根气候大会要达成新协议–没有缓和的余地 “Copenhagen can and must deliver an agreement”


“There is no Plan B for failure at Copenhagen only Plan A, and A stands for action,” Yvo de Boer said Thursday.By Yi Wang, Shenyang, China

距离哥本哈根联合国气候变化大会开幕还有11天,《联合国气候变化框架公约》秘书处执行秘书德博埃尔25 日在波恩召开的新闻发布会上说:“哥本哈根将成为应对气候变化的历史性转折点,在哥本哈根可以而且必须达成一个新协议。”
“在哥本哈根没有(为失败而准备的)B计划,只有A计划,而A计划代表着行动,”德博埃尔说,“哥本哈根的成功将帮助整个世界走上一条低排放的增长道路,并且让贫穷和脆弱的国家有能力来适应全球气候变化。”德博埃尔认为,哥本哈根达成的新协议核心内容包括3个方面,其中首要的是发达国家到2020年的中期减排目标。他指出,发达国家当前提出的指标“距 离科学的要求还有相当距离”,发达国家应尽快作出明确的减排承诺,这是哥本哈根能否达成新协议的关键,对此发达国家应当发挥“雄心勃勃的领导作用”。

其次是发展中国家根据自身能力采取应对气候变化的行动。德博埃尔赞赏发展中国家已经作出的努力。他特别指出,“中国、印度、南非、印度尼西亚、墨西 哥等国家目前已经制定了明确的应对气候变化的战略”,如果发达国家践行资金和技术支持承诺,“我相信发展中国家还愿意做更多”。

第三,在哥本哈根必须解决发达国家帮助发展中国家“适应、减缓气候变化的短期和长期资金问题”。德博埃尔指出,在2012年之前发达国家应当至少拿 出100亿美元的资金,同时需要明确每个发达国家需要承担的资金数额以及资金的来源。新协议还需要保障“在未来能够提供充足的、稳定的、可预期的资金,而 不再需要过几年就重新谈判一次”。



There are 11 days left for UN climate conference. UN’s top climate official Yvo de Boer asked all countries to cooperate and compromise so that the world will reach agreement at the UN climate conference in Copenhagen in December.  “The stakes are too high for tactical maneuvering. The stakes are too high for any country to be focusing on national agendas. There is no time to lose,” he said.

“All countries must use the remaining eleven days to Copenhagen to take work forward in a spirit of cooperation and compromise.”

Yvo de Boer thinks that Copenhagen’s new agreement will include 3 core aspects, the most important one is that the developed countries’ goal for emission cut by 2020. He pointed out that the current emission cut plan of developed countries is still far from scientific requirement. Developed countries need to clear their emission cut agreement. This concerns whether COP-15 will have a new agreement. Thus, the developed countries need to set positive examples.

Also, the developing countries need to cope with climate change, basing on their real ability. Yvo de Boer specified that China, India, South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, and etc. have cleared their plans for climate chage, if developed countries will help them with finance and technology, the developing countries will commit more.

Third, “Rich countries must put at least 10 billion dollars on the table to kick-start immediate action up to 2012. And they must list what each country will provide and how funds will be raised to deliver very large, stable and predictable finance in the future, without having to constantly negotiate it every few years,” he said.

Yvo De Boer also made it clear that U.S.’s attitude to emission cut goals and fund issues is significant to Copenhagen’s conference. The White House said that Obama is going to attend COP-15 on Dec. 19. Therefore, Yvo de Boer said that the world is expecting U.S. to bring a emission cut goal and to support the developing countries with their finance.

UN climate Conference is going to be hold between Dec. 7th to 18th in Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen. “Copenhagen can and must deliver an agreement that launches immediate action in developing countries to adapt to the impacts of climate change and put them on a clean energy path,” de Boer said.

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