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The challenge and opportunity in Low-carbon Economy in China 中国低碳经济的机会与挑战


眼看哥本哈根气候变化会议的临近,中国政府正式宣布减排目标, 在2020年将单位GDP的二氧化碳排放量在2005年的基础上下降40-45%.

目前,低碳经济已经是一个新鲜潮流在世界上发展,西方国家试图借低碳经济在全球发动一场新的改革,同时为本国的经济发展增加动力. 对于发展中国家来说, 目前有两条路可以选择, 一是顺应世界潮流,积极合作与参与,或者固步自封,自己自足.


中国的此项减排承诺,对于国内的产业影响是巨大的. 因为它给中国各部门带来了巨大的挑战,但同时也是使中国的产业在世界经济中占据重要地位的机会.  目前,中国的群众消费水平还比较低下, 特别是农村部分,人均排放量很少. 在经济飞速发展的今天, 十年之后, 人民消费水平必然会大幅度增加,汽车,家用电器在农村会大面积普及,排放量一定会大幅度增长. 所以,中国的减排任务,主要落在了国民产业上面. 很多传统的高耗能工业,如钢铁,水泥都挑战巨大,要实现40-45%的减排目标必须依靠来自发达国家的资金和技术支持.


Brief:  China adopted to reduce carbon emissions per unit GDP by 40 to 45%of 2005 level by 2020. It shows its sincerity to attend the environmental protection issue as well as the ambition to join the competition on economy with the world.

Now low carbon economy is a new value which is propagated in developed countries. It is a new inspiration and will even lead a revolution. For developing countries, they can either actively join to corporate, or choose a closed approach and to be discarded. Apparently, China chooses the former.

For most industries in China, this is an opportunity to reach the summit of the world economy, as well as a great challenge since the reduction of 40%-45% is almost forcing us using 10 years to surpass the western countries’200-year high emission period. Obama’s announcement of reduction is only 17%, which means US will have a lower pressure than China do.

Now as US has already passed the industrious period. Most of its emission is from resident’s consumption like automobiles, electronic things. To control the emission just means to convert the residents’ concept of consumption. While in China, as the residents’ standard of consumption is still low, our responsibility of reduce the emission is mainly on industries. For those high-consumption industries, China cannot achieve the goal without a revolution in technology.

Therefore, is China ready for the challenge?

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