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Greenland Does Not Want to be “Green”


By Alex Lopatka, Silver Spring MD

We have all heard the dire warnings about sea levels rising to unprecedented heights if the Greenland ice sheet is allowed to melt. What you may have not know is that Greenland doesn’t seem to care.At the end of August, Greenland wanted to be represented by the G77. Denmark has been the sovereign nation for Greenland since 1979, but now Greenland wants to be free so it can be a better candidate for oil investors and a potential location for a U.S. aluminum smelting plant.

The G77/China has countries that are committed to reducing emissions to varying degrees. China, India, and Brazil have all said before that they are committed to emissions reductions. Other countries represented by the G77, such as Tuvalu, Maldives, and other small-island nations, have issued frantic warnings that their nations will cease to exist if emissions are not reduced soon.

The G77/China has an ambitious agenda that clearly clashes with Greenland’s nationalistic goals. The G77/China should not hold out a welcoming hand because Greenland simply wants a stronger voice so it can stimulate a “dirty-energy” economy.

Greenland certainly deserves a strong, stable economy like the rest of the world, but allowing coal-intensive industries to move to Greenland will only accelerate the rate of melting ice. Greenland, like other nations should certainly not be penalized for its geographic location, but the fate of millions is in the hands of the Greenland ice.

In order to have a safe and ethical world, developed countries need to invest in alternative energy and sustainable development in Greenland. Developed countries can get a return on their investment, and Greenland will have the economy it needs.

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