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To Push Climate Change Fund


By Yi Wang, Shenyang, China

27 November 2009, French and British premiers Nicolas Sarkozy and Gordon Brown both promote a global program that would give finance support to the world’s poorest nations with their carbon emissions. They call on the climate fund should be an integral part of the new climate treaty which will be discussed in the coming COP-15.

Sarkozy said that the developed countries should donate $ 10 billion a year for the next three years to assist the world’s poorest countries in order to help them with carbon emission and deforestation. He also suggested establishing a global central authority on climate change that would sensor the efforts made by countries on climate change.

Similarly, British Prime Minister Brown called for a “Copenhagen Launch fund”. He told press that the U.K. would contribute $ 1.3 billion during the coming three years. Brown said, “We have got to provide some money to help that, Britain will do so, the rest of Europe will do so and I believe America will do so as well.”

American President Obama is going to attend the climate summit for only one day on Dec. 9 before leaving for Oslo to accept his Nobel Peace Prize. Therefore, Sarkozy tried to let Obama consider staying longer for COP-15. “If we are not all there at the same time, then what kind of solution can we possibly come up with?”, Sarkozy said, implying some intent.

How much will the U.S. participate in the new climate treaty? How possible the amount of money for climate change will be donated by the developed countries to the impoverished countries? The world is holding its breath for the Copenhagen’s summit coming soon.

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