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Australia intends to cultivate a small hiccup green sheep to halt climate


According to British media reports, Australian scientists said they hope to breed “green” sheep which make less hiccups. It is one of their efforts to curb global climate change. In order to do this, they are trying to determine the gene chains which cause less number of hiccups of sheep. They said that sheep are marked with the label of greenhouse gas emissions is because of their hiccup rather than flatulence.

Australia’s climate change department said there are about 16% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture. Australian Sheep Cooperative Research Council said that 66% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions are methane from livestock’s internal organs. Sheep, cattle and goats produced 90% of methane in the rumen and to be excreted in the form of hiccup. In addition to these livestock, another important source of emissions is the horse. New South Wales scientists are specially doing experiments on measuring the gas emissions from sheep by the number of hiccups. They found that the more sheep eat, the more the number of hiccups.

Australian scientists’ long-term goal is to produce fewer methane gas emissions sheep. This is the gas which causes many times of global warming than carbon dioxide.

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