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Voices from Ibero-American countries Ibero-American国家的声音


On Dec 1st, Ibero-American States said in the face of challenges of global warming, developed countries should do everything they can to establish a new med-term target to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ibero-American Summit adopted a special communiqué on global climate change that day. In the communiqué, the participating States emphasize once again that climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing the world today, which requires the countries to make quick and effective response in a fair and equitable basis. Response to climate change, sustainable

economic development and poverty reduction can take into account. The global financial and economic crisis should not be an excuse to stop making effort.

The participating countries pledged to actively participate at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in this month, and they will strive to cooperate with other participating countries in dealing with climate change issues, in or

der to reach a broad and balanced agreement.

Ibero-American countries believe that developing countries should be in accordance with their existing conditions, relyin

g on financial and technical support, and appropriately reducing greenhouse gas emissions. All countries should make efforts to achieve the target of not rising more than two degrees Celsius of global temperatures at the end of the century. Ibero-American countries stressed that the agreement in Copenhagen must reflect the four basic points: reducing emissions, making polic

ies according to local conditions, financial assistance and technology transfer. In response to climate warming, developing countries need to draw foreign investment, developed countries should support in the capital and technology to make more.

近日结束了Ibero-American国家首脑会议, 通过了一个有关全球气候变化的协议.协议中Ibero-American国家一直强调气候变化是当今世界各国一起面临的一项最迫切的挑战,需要世界各国的公平,有效的回应.而且他们认为,气候变化与经济可持续发展并不冲突,任何国家不得以金融危机作为停止回应的借口.在会议中个Ibero-American国家还承诺将积极参加12月份的哥本哈根气候峰会,积极与各国合作在气候变化这个全球性事件方面与各方达成有效的协议.


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