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An opposite stance: Climate change is not everything 气候变化不是一切


(I blogged this opposite stance only to show the different voices and perspectives in the world. This is not my own opinion.)

Summary:    Copenhagen invited 65 heads of state in order to solve the problem of 2 degree temperature rise a century later, but not long ago in Rome a discussion about global child hunger (every day 11,000 children die of hunger), there is no appearance of any major heads of state; with long ago, in Turkey discuss global water issues, but also not see any major heads of state … …

As we pacing into the 21st century, there is no topic cause such controversy as “Climate Change”. With the Copenhagen climate summit approaching, the controversy between global “climate change camp” and “anti-climate change camp” is more and more intense.

French political magazine “Today’s value,” recently published an article entitled “Climate warming: they do not tell you the truth”, describes the two groups, mainly “anti-climate change camp” point of view.

The focus of debate, mainly includes whether climate is the “changing” or “warming”; the main reason of climate change in the end is the result of human industrial activities or the laws of nature, climate change will bring to mankind the disaster or the Gospel.

France is not the first of a disputed state. In 2006 there are 61 Canadian scientists written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper an open letter, call for a wide range of popular debate on climate issues. They stressed that “Global climate change is a new discipline, which is more complicated than any other related disciplines in the past.” we probably needs to study it for many years in order to truly understand the impact of climate change.

In the letter they wrote: “The Environmentalist have repeatedly cited the so-called ‘climate change is a reality’ to convince the public of climate disaster has been imminent, and human activities are the reasons for this change. It is meaningless to say. There is no climate warming fears are confirmed. Earth’s climate has been changing due to natural causes, but human activities on the impact of changes of this nature could not confirm that. ”

The causes of climate change is another focus of controversy. Some scientist think that “evaporation of ocean water is the main reason causing the greenhouse effect”, which has a hundred times of the consequences of industrialization, “but Climate Observing patterns only see the carbon dioxide emissions but not observing the moisture evaporate.” Moreover, they think that the United Nations IPCC data is based on the future of industrial and human growth forecasts. If this prediction has any problem, the climate prediction will no longer credible.


法国某杂志刊登了一个争论。争论的焦点主要是气候”是在变化”,还是”是在变暖” ,究竟是人类工业国动的结果,还是来自自然界大自然的自然规律,或者是就是气候变化或变暖给人来带来的是灾难还是有利的变化? 加拿大很多学者曾经提出,“全球气候变化是一门新学科,无疑比过去涉及的学科都要更为复杂”,他们认为没有任何气候变暖的担 忧是被证实的。地球气候由于自然原因一直在变化,而人类活动对这种自然变化的影响却无法证实。

气候变化的原因是另一个争论的焦点.有学者说海洋的水汽蒸发才真正的是造成全球温度升高的原因,是工业化造成的后果的一百倍.可是现在的气候学者只关主语二氧化碳的排放而忽略了大自然水气的蒸发 . 而且,有学者认为联合国IPCC的数据只是在对未来工业和人类增长的预测的基础上做出的, 如果这一预测出了问题,那对于气候的预测也就没有可行度了.

此外还有一个争论的焦点是全球气温平均上升2度的结果是什么.Nicholas stern说气候变化是人类经历最重要和最打的市场失败. 台风,洪水,荒漠化,以及气候移民将把人类带入一场全球化的悲剧中. 可是也有地理学家认为并不是所有的自然变化都会引起灾难.

有学者问道,联合国哥本哈根会议为了解决这个人类100多年之后气温上升2℃的问题,邀请到了65个国家和地区的元首,但是前不久在罗马联合国讨论全球儿童饥饿的问题,却没有任何主要的国家领导人到场;相同的, 当在土耳其讨论全球水资源匮乏的问题时,也没有任何主要国家的领导人……

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  1. 12/05/09 4:29 am

    其实我有时候有一个想法,我突然某一天觉得气候变暖海平面上升是不是一个必然……就是想曾经的板块移动,火山爆发什么什么的…就像进化论,要衍生新的物种 新的气候…只不过我们觉得不能适应它来的速度。我也不晓得咋表达。最近突然有这个想法,好像有点没对……不过……我也觉得人类给地球的影响太快太坏了……不管是什么大会……希望不要只是各国的政治经济角力……虽然现在对环保的态度真的可以很大程度上影响某些国家的地位…… 不晓得说啥子了~~~~~~这真的是篇很有诚意的回复啊

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