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To Denmark!


As I write, I’m flying over Toronto at 683 mph–a feat made possible by fossil fuels, human engineering, and DePauw University funding. I’m finally headed to the COP-15 in Copenhagen, where a new, global climate deal will likely be signed. No one knows for sure what the deal will look like, but recent news about planned joint exits, Obama’s new schedule, and the East Anglia e-mail hubbub suggests it may be a a dramatic set of negotiations.

The UNFCCC Secretariat–they take care of the logistics–says that around 20,000 people are coming to the conference from around the world, but only 15,000 can fit in the Bella Center where the conference in hosted. Several thousand more will arrive to demonstrate, network, report, or try to influence delegates through other means.

Two days ago, the first of our DePauw contingent arrived–Annie and Khin Khin. Today, Anthony, Andrew, and I will endure 22 hours of travel, jet-lagged and running on fumes left over from our last week of classes. Over the next week, ten DePauw students and professors will join us to witness the speeches, the walkouts, the marches, the spin, and the compromises that may add up to anything from an fair, ambitious, binding climate treaty to a big, stressful, greenhouse-gas-emitting party that guarantees new emissions and injustices but gets sold as “World Governments Go Green, Solve Climate Change”.

In the end, I can only guarantee that it will be dark and cold. And that we’ll be reporting on the negotiations as best we can. Have a question or suggestion for us? Send it along.

[UPDATE: After 24 hours of traveling, the two A’s and I walked into the front door of our host home in Copenhagen. Props to New Life Copenhagen for connecting us with great people!]

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  1. khinkhin permalink*
    12/06/09 3:50 pm

    wonderful piece, Anthony !

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