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Will the Dispute Between Rich and Poor Be Sorted Out?


Brief Introduction:

The UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference) in Copenhagen will be held in Denmark next Monday. Leaders from all over the world will negotiate how to tackle the climate change issues. However, it is really tough and unrealistic to require more than 180 countries to achieve a legally binding agreement about cutting carbon emissions. Because the different between Southern and Northern countries is still apparent, rich and poor will continuously dispute about their own benefits.

Since the British industrial revolution, the global carbon emissions increased rapidly. While the rich enjoy the cool summer with the air conditioners, the poor are still worry about their fundamental needs. The rich people can even avoid the flood by getting on the Noah’s Ark. However, for the poor people, they are urged to find food for their empty stomach instead of worrying about the doomsday’s coming. For instance, there are about 0.1 billion people in India do not have electricity, while every American family has two or three cars. Therefore, it’s unrealistic to demand the developed countries and the developing countries to fulfill their commitments on the same stage. This unrealistic requirement is just the divergence between the developed and the developing countries.

It’s unfair that the developed countries demand the developing countries to assume their duties after the developed countries have been polluted the earth for hundreds of years. And the developed countries are still not clear on their own duties about financing and technology support. When we consider the clean energy legislation which has already been passed by the United States Congress, it’s unfair that the United States put trade sanction on countries who do not accept the least standard of carbon emissions reduction.

Moreover, although the host has announced to forbid the plastic bags and bottled water, I was wondering how many people will attend the meeting by bicycle. I think most of the representatives will attend the meeting by air. At that time, people will be in different kinds of hotels and cars. Doesn’t this conference will increase the carbon emissions?


下周一,哥本哈根气候大会将在丹麦召开,各国领导人将商讨全球应对气候变化的道路何去何从。在我看来, 要求180多个国家签署一项具有法律约束力的减排协议,相当困难也并不现实,因为南北国家根本分歧依然巨大,富人与穷人之间的争吵声和指责声仍会继续。

自工业化以来,全球温室气体排放急剧增加、二氧化碳浓度大幅上升,导致人类的生活环境越来越热、全球海平面每年上升加快。但是,富人们可以躲在空调里吃喝拉撒全解决,万一洪水来了也可以登上“诺亚方舟”避难。但对穷人们来说,有比天气变热更重要的事情要解决,是担心世界末日来临更重要?还是眼前填饱 肚子更重要呢?





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