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EU Firm on Emissions Reductions

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After capitulating to U.S. demands during many of the 2009 UNFCCC intercessional meetings, the EU finally seems to be standing up to the U.S. On the first day of the conference, it demanded the U.S. commit to greater reductions and scoffed at the proposals brought forth by the U.S. and China. The EU appears frustrated because this proposed target would only cut U.S. emissions 4% by 1990 using the 1990 baseline.

Of course, this does not help the prospect of accomplishing much in Copenhagen. It could lead to a standstill between the U.S. and EU over reductions targets. However, it does seem beneficial the EU is holding the U.S. to a higher standard. The EU is really the only global power capable of doing so.

The EU’s push may not be immediately effective. However, by constantly maintaining that the bar must be set higher for reductions, the EU might ultimately win out. Basically, the EU must change the rules of the game. As of late, the negotiations have been played under the rules of doing whatever it takes to get the US on board. Hopefully, the EU can change the rules by standing firm on more aggressive targets by demonstrating the rules conducting negotiations really should be centered on climate change and nothing else.

Link to article about EU stance:

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  1. Lindsay Stegman permalink
    12/09/09 12:52 pm

    I’m so proud of you, Keelin! Keep up the great work.

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